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About A.N. Smith & Company

A.N. Smith & Company and MJ Distribution are two companies devoted to getting industrial ingredients to the market place. By handling orders in truckload or less-than-truckload quantities, we are positioned to help both buyers and suppliers of any size. Our daily interaction with customers, principals, shipping, and warehouse personnel gives us expansive knowledge of the industrial food market. Knowledge that we gladly pass on to all of our customers.

A.N. Smith & Company has served as a broker in the food industry for over 120 years. For five generations, both suppliers and buyers have benefited from our market knowledge and logistical acumen. MJ Distribution was founded in 1994 as a response to a need that A.N. Smith & Co. had seen in a number of its accounts. MJ serves as a physical buffer between suppliers and buyers whose ingredient needs have outgrown their inventory storage space. We perform this service with an exacting attention to detail and always remain flexible in light of our customer’s ever changing needs.