Mill Centre History

The Mill Centre is a creative community with over 70 artists, graphic designers, photographers, and architects, as well as technology and other businesses. They occupy studios and a variety of offices, some with open floor plans and others with lofts. The Mill offers a Cross Fit gym, massage therapists and yoga studios, along with on site management and maintenance staff dedicated to preserving and enhancing this unique 100-year-old facility.


The Beginning

Located in Jones Falls Valley, its original use was to manufacture the fabric that was later sewn into sails for the sailing ships that called on Baltimore.




A group of Baltimore developers completely revovated the old building installing new systems, new windows and life safety features making for a modern edifice.



The building is populated by more than 70 tenants who engage in a variety of occupations. There are writers, craftspeople, painters, designers and architects to name only some. There is a unique interaction between many of the people, creating an environment where many joint ventures are completed by tenants working together.


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